Cryptocurrency Market Analytics Solution

  • Technical and Fundamental Analysis
  • Aggregated News and Market Sentiment
  • Explorer Statistics
  • Portfolio Management
  • Market Screener

Market Analytics platform designed for Retail and Institutional Traders

Take on the Cryptocurrency Market with our powerful platform

DAIX platform is designed to keep up with the ups and downs of the 24/7 Cryptocurrency Market. Our platform is designed for performance and built for all levels of investors.

Why Choose DAIX?

Made by Traders. Made for Traders.

Analyze, Strategize and Trade as DAIX provides structured information for pre-trade and post-trade analytics. Keeping track of Crypto markets is time consuming and tedious. DAIX is a one stop solution for your investment due diligence process


Market Screener

Easily combine various data points that impact the Crypto Market and formulate your trading strategy in a few clicks. The Market Screener combines Technical, Fundamental, News and Blockchain Explorer statistics data to help you find the next best trade. Here are a few Data points that can be filtered on using the Screener application:

  • Technical – RSI, Moving Averages, Volume, Price Performance, MACD, %B, Chart Signals
  • Fundamental – Market Cap, Algorithm, Team Location, Consensus Mechanism, Events, Industry
  • Explorer statistics – Transaction Volume, Valuation
  • News – News Sentiment Index, Twitter Mentions

Currency Profile Page

Currency profile page presents key data points about a currency. The page has been designed such that a trader can complete the investment due diligence for a currency in a few seconds. The page brings together the following information:

  • Whitepaper summary
  • Currency Valuation
  • Founders Information
  • Aggregated News with Market Sentiment
  • Github Activity
  • Explorer statistics
  • Twitter Feeds

Portfolio Management

Analyze the Risk and potential Return of your Portfolio with the Portfolio Analytics tool. Based on historical performance, DAIX has built custom techniques to help traders decide on holdings and currencies best suited for their Portfolio.

  • Optimize - What to buy, sell and hold based on your Risk profile
  • Scenario Analysis - Gauge impact under various Scenarios (Bitcoin +/- 10%, Exchange hacks, etc.)
  • Market Portfolio - Build your Portfolio from scratch based on the returns you
  • Gain/Loss Tracker – Gauge the performance of your Portfolio and monitor key market sentiment indicator that potentially impact your holdings via the Gain/Loss Tracker.

Technical Workspace

Access 400+ technical studies ranging from all support, resistance, candlestick and chart pattern indicators. The Technical Workspace provides Charting, Market Depth and Order Book data. The Market Data is paired with News to be up to date with what’s moving the market.


News and Social Media Analysis

DAIX accesses data from 30,000 news sources to consolidate the most relevant Cryptocurrency News stories moving the market. Our News Sentiment algorithm analyzes articles for bullish and bearish news stories for traders to get a quick snapshot of market sentiment. The sentiment data is aggregated per coin to reflect the market response to market news.

Our platform also aggregates Twitter data for ‘mentions’ to gauge popularity of a coin and analyzes individual Tweet for sentiment.

DAIX Market and Sentiment Index

DAIX has built an aggregate overall Market Data and Sentiment Index to accurately represent the performance of the market and trader sentiment.

The Market Index is a combination of 20 currencies that are rebalanced at beginning of every month based on the historical performance. The 20 currencies are selected on the basis of Market Cap, Popularity, Use Cases, Founders Information, Blockchain Explorer Transaction Volume and Launch Date of currency.

The Sentiment Index reflects the Bullishness or Bearish at an aggregate level of these currencies. The Index is calculated based on the news articles published for these currencies.

Currency Valuation

Our patented valuation methodology for Cryptocurrencies provides an estimated price of a currency based on average Transaction Volume on Explorers and its current Circulating Supply. The valuation provides a very handy tool for traders to quickly differentiate between currencies based on actual usage and ignore the noise or any hype in the market.

The spread between the valuation and the market price provides an excellent indicator for traders to make an investment decision.

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1 BTC Lifetime access

  • Fundamental Analysis
  • Technical Analysis
  • Portfolio Management
  • News Sentiment
  • Currency Discovery

Institutional (Available Q1, 2020)


5 BTC Lifetime access

  • All retail features
  • Real-Time Data Feeds
  • Access to Currency Founders
  • DAIX Email Accounts
  • Development Support

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